Young Engineers lab

As this world adopts artificial intelligence in all its functions, educational system provided in school must cater to the need of the hour. The scenario is changing right now. A revolution that is happening right now, would make many professions which we think are great right now to be replaced with robots and artificial intelligence. To make our students future ready , we introduce Robotics right from primary classes thereby our Jayapriya students will stay unique in a crowded STEM environment. In Jayapriya public school we feel that first the child needs to have basic understanding in science concepts. Even small machines around him like washing machine, mixers, Drum sets are robots of its kind.

We do this with the help of young engineering lab. Each class the child will build a working model(individual activity not a group one) with the help of lego pieces connected with battery. They are also exposed to the science concepts behind these models. We make learning fun with the help of hands on activities. Here kids learn concepts spirally and also learn the concepts based on problems thereby improvising their imagination and critical thinking. They will eventually be learning to code and in the process get the actual experience of robotics.