Pre School

Pre KG

We understand that at this age it is a great challenge for the kid to get separated from their family and come to school. Hence we realise that there is a need to have a value based child friendly curriculum by which the kids enjoy learning. Our educational system is designed in such a way that it is a transition from home to school environment. We strive to give our kids an excellent academic program which will give them proper exposure and experience to provoke their academic intelligence and emotional quotient. Thereby learning happens as a natural process for our tiny tots. We ensure that learning happens with ease through our Siragukal curriculum.

A single day for your child with us will have the following sessions.

  • Prayer time
  • Warm up session
  • Rhyme time
  • Story session with a variety of characters
  • Game time(indoor and outdoor)
  • Worksheets & Art and Craft session