Primary School - Primary Curriculum:( age 5+ to 10)

Research shows that Thinking and reasoning skills, called cognitive skills, mature rapidly between ages 5 and 10. As these skills develop, so does a child's ability to solve problems. Keeping that in mind we have Intelligence boosting system.

At Jayapriya public school we make our children more independent and physically active than they were in the preschool years.

We understand that at this age, child develops a more mature and logical way of thinking. He or she gradually becomes able to consider several parts to a problem or situation. This is a change from the simplistic thinking of a preschooler. Thereby to improve their intellectual ability our curriculum is designed to teach the why behind what in their classes.

Psychologist call this as “age of reason”(around 8 years) and we ensure that we kindle the Mr/Ms curious in every child.


For our primary children we teach English in the classic way. Language is central to one’s intellectual, social and emotional development and has an essential role in all key learning areas. Thus our English curriculum focuses on building learners competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through the Learn, Apply and diagnose(LAD) methodology, which also promotes creative, critical and analytical thinking skills among our students.


Science is all about Exploring the enviroinment, Studying living and non living things, studying natural and physical world, experimenting and applying concepts.

Our curriculum adopts Enquiry based learning approach which will make science learning fun and easy by exploring the concepts through activities, discussion and linking them all with the real world. At Jayapriya public school we spark the interest and with number of activities like Lets extend, the Green club which supports the approach of ‘learning by doing’.

We strive to make children fall in love with science.


What ever be the profession a child chooses (cook, business man, financier, scientist etc) understanding mathematical concepts is very crucial. Mathematics is all around us and helps us understand the world better.

The foundation of mathematical concept at early age is very important. Without conceptualisation child finds its difficult as they progress in grades. We have designed our maths curriculum in such a way that they first visualize the concepts in Math lab and then solve sums in classroom. We believe like cycling and swimming, mathematics needs to be solved by the student themselves. At Jayapriya public school we teach the why behind what in every maths concept thereby making kids experts in the subject with ease.

Computer Science:

Our curriculum is designed to give students the grounding in the basics and the knowledge skills and ambition to grab emerging work opportunities. The topics covered are a perfect blend of Programming, Multimedia and productivity – based on the latest technology, helping students to march ahead with time.

NGuru App:

The NIIT Nguru app is atailsman that takes the children to fun filled world of learning. Using this app the students can scan the QR codes and access existing videos, games, exercises and quizzes to reinforce and practice the concepts learnt in school.